Who is the WWA?

The Westchester Women’s Agenda is an anti-racist, feminist organization that advocates on behalf of women in Westchester County and works to ensure that the social and economic climate in the County offers women equal access to opportunity.

Our membership represents over 90 individuals and organizations serving tens of thousands of residents each year.

We seek equal rights and economic equality for women, champion reproductive freedom and access to healthcare, work to end violence against women, support civil rights for all, and oppose racism and bigotry based on race or sexual orientation.

The WWA recognizes that affordable housing, healthcare, and child care are essential to low-income women who are often the most vulnerable members of our communities. Women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence require protections and services to assure their safety and ability to live freely. Women who are members of ethnic minorities should live in communities that are welcoming and provide equal access to opportunities available to others.

We have a distinguished history of protecting and advancing the interests of Westchester women. Our member organizations provide vital, quality services to thousands of County residents each year and do so in a cost- effective manner.

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Recent Successes

Increased funding for core programs that deliver:

*Health care for the uninsured and victims of rape *Eviction prevention services and grants *Child care scholarships and infant/toddler services *Fair housing education *Micro loans and financial counseling *Legal, housing and job assistance for immigrants *Support for children in family court *Entrepreneurial assistance for women in business  *Affordable housing loans *Domestic and sexual violence services for women * Legal services

New funding for special initiatives:

*Eviction prevention assistance and legal services  *Supportive services for immigrants *Community education about the cervical cancer *Support for shelters housing undocumented victims *vaccine and emergency contraception of domestic violence * Community-based social/behavioral health services for young children and their families