Women in Westchester

In early 2017, Westchester Women’s Agenda published a 2016 Report on the Status of Women in Westchester. The report paints a portrait of women squeezed by the high cost of child care, a growing elderly population which strains their resources, and wage disparities which– despite the higher educational levels of women– continue to favor men.   These trends negatively impact the ability of women to remain in the work force and contribute to the productivity and well-being of Westchester County.  

We encourage you to read our report alongside Still I Rise: A Snapshot Report on Black Women and Girls in Westchester published in 2019 by Sister to Sister International, a member organization of WWA, which examines data on the impacts of structural racism on the lives, well-being, and opportunity of black women and girls in the county.

WWA further released a 2018 Update on Poverty in Westchester which documents poverty’s rise and its impact on women and its disproportionate impact on women of color and their families.

The 2016 Status of Women in Westchester Report, commissioned by the Westchester Women’s Agenda (WWA) with co-sponsorship support from EILEEN FISHER, documents changes in Westchester that affect women’s current well-being and the problems they face in the future. Click on any of the slides below for a summary of the reports findings.

The goal of the Report is to create a baseline on issues of concern to women and to lay the foundation for data-based and research-informed efforts to pursue progress and improve the quality of life for women and for everyone in Westchester County.  The report also seeks to inspire the public to join in these efforts. Download the full A Report on the Status of Women in Westchester.