Statement About Siege on the Capital

Yesterday’s violent mob assault on our democracy, instigated by this sitting president, was as horrifying as it was predictable. Watching officers of the law stand idly by as they stormed the Capitol stood in stark and shameful contrast to the suppressive and violent response of law enforcement during the overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests against murderous police brutality and horrendous racial inequity in our society.

But those forces will not have the final word.  We won’t let them. And we will keep standing together to right our democracy and achieve equality in our nation. 

In Georgia, record run-off turnout — especially by voters of color — mobilized by GA-based Black and brown led organizations and supported by thousands upon thousands of Americans across the country who made calls and texted, reminds us of the best in our nation, and elected the first Black senator from Georgia and the youngest senator since Joe Biden in 1973. 

And late last night, a rattled Congress certified the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

The work before us is long-haul and it continues to demand every ounce of our effort, imagination, intelligence and courage.  

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