Today’s Supreme Court Decision is Anti-Women 
and Your Right to an Abortion is Now Determined by Your Zip Code

The extraordinary and disappointing ruling by the Supreme Court to end federal protection of abortion rights is an attack on women’s rights and freedoms, dismantling the federal constitutional right after nearly 50 years.  

Without the Supreme Court’s protection, many states across the country will quickly ban abortion.  This decision will fuel lawmakers to enact draconian bans, even prohibiting women and girls from getting an abortion who find themselves pregnant due to rape or incest.  

The WWA is outraged by this decision. The Court’s stance is hypocritical and misleading. 

This is a blatant curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens. 

We commend Governor Hochul and the NYS legislature for all they are doing to expand reproductive health care rights and facilities in New York State and provide a safe harbor for women seeking abortions, those who aid them and protection from repercussions for abortion providers.  

But, more must be done on the state and local level!  

  1. WWA calls upon the New York State Legislators to return to Albany immediately and pass the Equality Amendment to ensure access to abortion care is not taken away in New York. (There will be more information on how you can get involved coming soon.) 
  1. WWA calls upon the Westchester County Board of Legislators to pass the Safe Clinic Access Bill immediately. 
  1. WWA calls upon its members and all Westchester NY residents to contact their NYS and County Legislators to tell them to pass the respective bills immediately. Westchester residents can remotely attend the County Legislator meeting on Monday June 27th, at 7:00 PM as it is live streamed at http://westchestercountyny.legistar.com
  1. Sign a petition asking the FDA to lift the politically motivated/medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion medication now. https://chng.it/HvKNKGkCFM
  2. Support women in other states who are in need of a safe abortion by donating to local abortion funds at www.abortionfunds.org.
  1. Attend a rally in support of abortion rights, one of which will take place in White Plains on Sunday, June 26th 1:00-3;00 at MLK Plaza, 111 Dr Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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