2014 Summit Report

Thank you to all who attended the 2014 Westchester Women’s Summit! Please see the Full Summit Report here:

2014 Summit Report


Fresh faces, fresh voices, and fresh ideas marked the 2nd annual Westchester Women’s Summit, held on March 29 on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, NY. The event, which was hosted by the Westchester Women’s Agenda (WWA) and co-sponsored by Sarah Lawrence College, EILEEN FISHER, and the Eileen Fisher Community Foundation, with additional support from many other nonprofit organizations and individuals, brought women together across a 60-year generational divide to practice feminist leadership for social change.

The Summit was notable not only for how many people it brought together, but also for whom it brought together. Over 150 people registered for the event. They included members of nonprofit organizations, organized labor, religious organizations, business and corporate professionals,educators, students, public servants, elected officials, and members of the community, many of whom had never met before and welcomed the opportunity to network and make or deepen connections.

This year’s Summit focused on the motivation and training of participants in feminist leadership practices and the application of those practices to the development of creative solutions to social problems affecting women at the local and/or county level.

The goal for the Summit was to use the feminist lens to develop a common agenda around which to develop collective energy, attract key stakeholders, and begin to build the trust necessary for more effective cross-sector communication and collaboration among leaders of different generations.

More specific goals for the Summit were:

  • to create a movement to engage local organizations in solving major social problems affecting women and children in Westchester County;
  • to develop a two-pronged approach to the issues identified at last year’s Westchester Women’s Summit:• develop feminist leadership tactics that will be effective for large-scale collaborative efforts.

    •identify a younger cadre of feminists and create opportunities to engage them in civic participation.

In keeping with this last goal, this year’s summit attracted a substantially larger group of women under the age of 30 (21%) than did 2013’s first annual summit (11%).

Noelle Damico, keynote from the 2013 Summit, shown at 2014 Summit

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